In coordination with the Ohio Democratic Party, the mission and principles of the Jefferson County Democratic Party are:

  • We believe that the best government is one that is efficient, yet understanding  – a government that is based not on systems or bureaucracies, but on people, ideas, and values.
  • We believe there is no substitute for fair and equal representation and strong public participation in a government chosen by election.
  • We believe that all Ohioans reap benefits when we, as a state, meet challenges together. We believe in the equality of all Ohio citizens and condemn any discrimination.
  • We believe in a society that strengthens Ohio’s families and protects our children.
  • We believe in the rights of all Ohioans to achieve economic security and find affordable housing, to seek good jobs at a livable wage, and protection for our workers in a growing, robust economy.
  • We believe in a society that puts the health, safety, and prosperity of its citizens first, one that promotes excellence in education, choices in quality health care and a healthy environment for all Ohio citizens.
  • We believe in a society that values community and protects all Ohio citizens from violence and crime.
  • We believe in a society that respects our elders, who deserve the right to retire with the resources they need and have earned to support themselves in their golden years.
  • And we believe in pursuing these ideals with honesty and integrity, with respect for the freedoms that we in Ohio are proud to call our own.

The Jefferson County Democratic Party is led by a team of individuals with a proven history of dedication and public service in Jefferson County.

Frankie DiCarlantonio, Chairman

Frankie DiCarlantonio was unanimously elected Chairman of the Jefferson County Democratic Party on Tuesday, November 21st, 2017 to fulfill the remainder of the term left vacant by the death of longtime Chairman and Village of Stratton Mayor, John M. Abdalla. 

Frankie is a lifelong resident of Jefferson County, a local young business professional, and someone that has been involved in Jefferson County Democratic politics with a variety of Democratic Candidates. 

He made his public appearance in the Jefferson County political world with his 2017 campaign to become the 57th Mayor of the City of Steubenville. “Although the results of the elections were not ones that we wanted, I can say that the way that my campaign was run: aggressive, in modern ways, and always positive will be what people can expect under my administration of the Jefferson County Democratic Party, ” said DiCarlantonio.

DiCarlantonio can be contacted by e-mail at or by phone at 1-740-381-6053. 

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